Thoughts / 10/31/2014

CopyPaste - Issue#1

I love the internet. I love that within a few minutes over coffee in the morning, I can “travel” from New York to London to Berlin to Singapore and back again and learn about amazing new things that are happening all around. It’s beautiful and exciting all at the same time. And it’s extremely sharable.


We have a great culture of sharing within DOOR3. Through a series of internal Google+ communities, social networks and plain old email, we share and inspire each other every day. And it’s this culture I wanted to share with you.


Welcome to a new DOOR3 series CopyPaste, where I will be posting links to articles, videos, art, music, images, and products that inspire us in our workplace and everyday life. Design inspired, but not design focused.


So without further ado, enjoy!



A very clever system for challenge of designing for color blindness.


Apple Watch to iPhone home screen prototype.


A quick way to generate a color scheme.


We’re big fans of using Keynote for animating interactions. But Andrew Haskin’s recreation of Google Material is a real inspiration.


Who doesn’t love starting their day with an inspiring thought on UX?  


All these remind me slightly of Flash. But that’s not a bad thing.


Natural talent like Thomas Prior’s is amazing.


Finally a nice and appealing approach to online surveys.


Kudos to Google for open sourcing icons.


I can’t help it. I love maps.


Couldn’t get away without something Halloween related. This guy definitely gives Robert Downey Jr a run for his money (Thanks @armisteadbooker).


Why Instagram worked.


I saw clouds and their light shadows on the distant dear earth. Beautiful.



*Brent Arnold is the Creative Director at DOOR3. If you have any feedback or ideas you would like to share, let us know by commenting below.