Thoughts / 03/06/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #10

Hopefully this is the last time this year we see snow and ice-covered waves like the ones Jonathan Nimerfroh beautifully captured in Nantucket.


“Hours after encountering its first video game, and without any human coaching, the A.I. has not only become better than any human player but has also discovered a way to win that its creator never imagined.” This quote from Artificial Intelligence Goes to the Arcade really put things into perspective.


I waited till I could sit down in the quiet of the morning to read Frank Chimero’s latest essay The Web Grains. Now I'm speechless.


Peek Vision is a mobile app and lens adapter that provides easy to use, affordable and portable system for testing eyes, whether in a clinic or in the comfort of a patient’s home. Now we are talking.


Vice interviews the George Lois, the real 1960s Don Draper.


Two of our front-end powerhouses, Alex Castillo and Rocky Romano, attended this week’s AngualrJS Conference (ng-conf 2015) in Salt Lake City.


I love how such little changes really improve the design of Nest app.


These Hungarian currency redesigns are beautiful.


Luke W asks, “Design is Valued. Now What?


WIRED released a new design for their website. I’m still trying to figure out who their audience is with this new design.


Khoi Vinh interviews digital designers about their careers in his new book How They Got there.


First solo exhibition of Paul Rand in New York. Looks great!


Want to become a better designer? Here is a great list of articles on the subject by Wouter de Bres.


Goldman Sachs steps up it’s design game with these nice infographics on millennials.


The title says enough: How To Use The 'Hairy Arm' Technique To Manage Your Boss.


Get ready for Apple’s “Spring Forward” event.

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