Thoughts / 05/01/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #14

We start of this week with some big news. Our FreshDirect Team won a Webby! Great job guys!


UX Choreography is a combination of the how with the when and why. Love it.


I had the pleasure of visiting the New Museum Triennial. Go see it! It was fantastic.


Mass Appeal locates iconic hip hop album covers in Google Street View. Thank You!


Watch this space. Oodles and oodles of Apple Watch design articles to come.


Speaking of Apple Watch, what a great and beautiful video of "Things for Apple Watch."


A Drum Transcription Cover of the Mad Men theme song..


Describing Content-First Design through the lens of video games is always a good idea.


I definitely agree that the gymnasts shots are amazing. "Just shut up and watch this, it's relaxing and mesmerizing."


My students are presenting their thesis presentations next week. I’m so proud of them!


Now I can never un-see the alignment issues in Samsung Galaxy S6 either. Yuck.


I finished reading The Martian this week (wow btw). So we’ll end on Patrick Goethe’s (@gopatrik) great curated free-to-use space photographs.

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