Thoughts / 07/10/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #18

A  whole  lot  has  happened  since our last issue, so let’s get started.


One of the best articles I’ve seen on “What is Digital Product Design?”.


Apple Design Awards 2015. Workflow connect looks interesting.


We all kind of knew this was true.


Google dreams in beautiful images.


I love collages like this.


MTV rebrands in a pretty interesting way.




So glad photo collections like the NASA Graphics Standard Manual exist.


I was reminded of Steve Job’s wonderful commencement speech recently. Listening to it really is inspiring.


The music video for MIA's track - The New International Sound Pt II focuses on “a spectacular display from the students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for kids in China, for Gener8ion.”


We’ll end with an article on “The End”.

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