Thoughts / 08/07/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #19

Last night we said goodbye to the Daily Show. What did you do before the daily show?


I’m very font of you because you’re just my type.” Thank you!


A pretty good argument for how the role of UX has shifted from wireframing in isolation to spearheading whole teams to think about great user experience.


“Our team heavily considered going back to Photoshop, but quickly decided that Sketch is still better for our product’s UI design” - from A Year Using Sketch – An Honest Review.


So many good things in here, I can’t capture them all in just one sentence.


Fun trip around the world with Uber.


Yes....LinkedIn is ugly.


LukeW has solid ideas for Redesigning the Apple Watch UI.




Amazon Launchpad is here. Should we care?


Nice list of 2015 mobile UI/UX trends.


Love the rawness of Rob Ford, the founder of WA, in this interview by Tobias van Schneider.


We’ll end on this call to arms for merging UX and Visual Design.

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