Thoughts / 09/04/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #21

We’re headed into a 3 day weekend to “unofficially” close out the summer here in the states.  So this issue is full of easy-reading links move into the weekend with like this.


Some lovely blue fire craters!


The KIKK Festival has a great line up...and the website is beautiful.


New Zealand is choosing a new flag and it’s down to 4 choices. I agree though, there should be this 5th alternative.


Great spin on the traditional Japanese woodblocks.


It’s impossible to miss Google’s new logo. And the reviews go from a legless “unfortunate piece of design” to a spot on calibration. What do you think?


Fund the reissue of the NASA Graphics Standards Manual.


Khoi hits the nail on the head with his view of the current state of UX prototyping.


So simple that it's perfect. “Design the Beginning” by @joulee.


Let’s file this one under “why not” - Watch Charlie Murphy's Vine duck army.


It was National Dog Day last week! Did you know I recently designed a book of dog biscuit recipes?


*Brent Arnold is the Creative Director at DOOR3. What inspires you? Share below.