Thoughts / 11/26/2014

CopyPaste - Issue #3

Programming note: This issue of CopyPaste is being delivered a bit earlier than usual due to the holiday.


Adobe Photoshop is coming soon-ish to a browser near you.


Google Materials in print. Wow.


You know what they say: “A triangle a day….”


Jeremiah Shoaf’s Typewolf email list is great. Case in point he puts out amazing things like “The 10 Best Free Fonts That Aren’t on Google Fonts


A (visualized) day in the life of a NYC taxi driver.


Dropbox puts out a beautiful, and responsive, user guide.


San Francisco, Apple’s first font in almost 20 years and you can download it here for free.


Embrace the power of “you” and other really helpful copywriting tips for UX designers.


RelativeWave gets acquired by Google and now it’s prototype app Form is now free.


I just got my copy of the latest Feltron Annual Report and this time it “aspires to uncover patterns and insights” of his communication data over the year. Beautiful.


I’ll be flying this week. Luckily it’s not in this flying fortress. (via Shorpy)


I’ve been thinking A LOT about design in collaboration vs. isolation lately and it seems like I’m not alone. Nick Parish covers it as well, along with other topics, in his always great “Nick Notes”.



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