Thoughts / 12/23/2014

CopyPaste - Issue #5

Programming note:  This issue of CopyPaste is being delivered a bit earlier than usual due to the holiday. Happy New Year!

1940’s and 50’s postwar influence and a strange in-bed advertisement with Sharon Stone all come to life in the story behind AOLs iconic yellow running man.


FormStone is a “collection of thoughtfully crafted front-end components focused on simple implementation and easy customization.”


Great to see this come to life. The menu on mobile is a nice touch: IBM Design Language.


Hot off the press. FAQs are still very valuable.


Spotify beautifully highlights their top songs of the year.


And Pocket highlights my personal reading habits.


Extrapolate the scene of a painting. I wish we could apply this to film as well.


I sense my next home project.


I would love to tackle designing a book cover next. Beautiful. The Best Book Covers of 2014.


These feels current, distant and timeless all at the same time.


I’m pretty awful at trivia, but I do enjoy trying Ken Jenning’s weekly Tuesday Trivia quiz.


Open Studio’s very own Scott Stowell has a great book called “Design for People” in the works. The KickStarter just ended, but it’s still worth sharing.


Our very own Ryan Daniels, just wrote an informative and fun article about Beacons, delivered in the context of A Christmas Carol.



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