Thoughts / 01/09/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #6

Welcome back! Let’s start the new year with some “real time face hacking” fun!


Episode 2 of AMNH’s shelf-life was released last month. Episode 3 will hit the “shelves” next week.


“I design with my nose. Let me tell you why.” What an inspiring story.


An Infinity Mirror Table that lights up when objects are placed upon it, by Louise-Anne van‘t Riet.


I really do love a good “year in review.”  And NY Times shows off their year in interactive stories from 2014 in style.


In fact, I almost want to do a “best of” for year in reviews. If I did, I’m pretty certain Kickstarter would be on my list every year.


This can't be the only blog dedicated to 404 pages, can it?


Responsive dashboard templates for Bootstrap. Great!


I feel like i’m late to the game on this one. But Asana, a task management app by former facebook cofounder, looks awesome.


Nobody tells this to beginners.


Our development team is killer. Especially the head of our Front-End Development, Alex Castillo (@castillo__io). He just released a new JavaScript library that provides CSS On-Demand for AngularJS.


I love Jeremy Paul’s call to action.


Check out December 2014’s best Typography-Based Sites by Jeremiah Shoaf(@typewolf).


Oh by the way, it’s 2015, so don’t forget to update your footer.

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