Thoughts / 01/23/2015

CopyPaste - Issue #7

I feel like Timeline: News, in Context was built for me. I love the idea.


Big news in the Digital Agency world this week. Partners at Teehan+Lax announce they are shutting up shop and heading to Facebook. Which hasn’t been without its criticisms.


365 awesome designers, by WILD, showcases one designer each day for one year.


I've seen snippets of these photos. But can only imagine how amazing these are in person.


Marissa Mayers has big plans for Yahoo. NYTimes explores if she has the time to get them done.


I started my new semester of teaching at SVA’s truly awesome MFA program, “Products of Design”. Interested in applying? Here are 14 good reasons.


While Uber hasn’t gotten a lot of love in the media recently, their use of big data to improve cities is enticing.


A couple of years ago, I got to attend a fantastic workshop by Seung “Slim” Chan Lim on Empathy. I recently revisited his website Realizing Empathy and you should too.


Every once in awhile I get asked for some advice on learning how to become a UX/UI designer. From now on I will send them to Paul Mederos’ great post on the subject.


It’s great to know that behind great software is great people. The team behind Monument Valley, (ustwo Studios) released the story behind their sales numbers.


And if you think that’s cool, they also  were asked to explore what a watch face means in Android Wear’s contextual data-driven environment.


As we keep digging into flat design, we need to constantly question it. Especially its potential for commoditizing design.


52 redesigns over 52 weeks. Fantastic.


This issue ends with Bowie, in particular Every David Bowie hairstyle from 1964 to 2014. Maybe every issue should?

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