Thoughts / 11/14/2014

CopyPaste - Issue#2

Welcome to a new DOOR3 series CopyPaste, where I will be posting links to articles, videos, art, music, images, and products that inspire us in our workplace and everyday life. Design inspired, but not design focused. 


This is issue #2 of the series, for issue #1 click here >>



History got made this week in a very exciting and beautiful way.


Well done. "From concept to reality: rebranding Google Squared.


I’m definitely in the camp that twitter can’t replace RSS.


While it is called the Design Report, it is very relevant to agency/business relationship in general.


Animated UI inspiration in your inbox every Monday. Sign me up.


"Old Masters at the Top of Their Game. After 80, some people don’t retire. They reign." What a great title (and article).


Beautiful and mesmerizing 4K resolution time lapse of the Sun (including massive sunspot).


Anything that can make interacting with folders and grouping more fun sounds good to me.


An incredible new series on the 33 million things the American Museum of Natural History has in their collection.


Surfing is incredible especially when watched a in slow motion with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.


A playful overview of responsive design principles.


Title bars have come so far.


Very thankful for this great iOS Design Guideline.


The One Wheel Motorcycle and other photos from a different time.



*Brent Arnold is the Creative Director at DOOR3. If you have any feedback or ideas you would like to share let us know by commenting below.


Programming note: Our next issue of CopyPaste will be delivered a bit earlier than usual, Wednesday November 26th, due to the holiday.