Invest in UX for Internal Business Applications?

When used for internal business applications, UX Design can lead to remarkable savings, increased productivity and happier employees. Billy Hollis, a UX Design strategist and professor on the topic, recently wrote a compelling article about determining when UX savings are worth the overall cost.

Webinar: Strategic SharePoint - May 30 11:00 ET / 15:00 GMT

Strategic SharePoint

Especially with the introduction of SharePoint 2013 and increasing demand for cross-platform user experiences, SharePoint projects become more strategic in nature.

When we speak to clients regarding SharePoint initiatives, we often find:

The Evolution of User Experience Design

user experience design

The current status of User Experience design, or UX design, can best be explained as existing in the midst of a fourth wave of User-Centered design, according to Dr. William Gribbons. Dr. Gribbons is one of the founding fathers of user-centered design theory and currently serves as director of the Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design and Founder and Senior Consultant of the Design and Usability Center at Bentley University.

Security Considerations for Mobile and Mobile Web

When people think of mobile technology, security is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Usually people think of downloading some streaming tunes or contributing to their favorite social network; maybe responding to a quick email. Almost all of these applications have few, if any security concerns.

Being Digital:The CIO / CMO Nexus

You are on your way. Your team cares about the customer journey, your product (or service) and marketing vision are coming into fresh focus, and you are well on your way to Being Digital.

Then, with a gut-wrenching squeal, the wheels grind to a near-halt.

This is often a sign that your product can’t be extended to support the newly designed improvements for the customer journey for any of the following reasons:

Being Digital: The Customer as a Rally Point

As discussed in Being Digital: State of the Union, a full operational alignment is needed to truly go Digital as a company. I recently had the privilege of hosting an illustrious group of global Digital CTOs for a discussion at the CDX conference. After some live, on-stage brainstorming, we came out with this pronouncement:
A Digital company is one whose internal structure and behavior are aligned to optimize the customer journey. 
I could feel the entire audience stop breathing for a moment.

Being Digital: State of the Union

Having just returned from a whirlwind tour of several conferences, I can definitively state that there is deep misunderstanding of  what “Digital” means among senior business executives.

“Being Digital” is not the same as having a Web site or even a site with a great Blog.

“Being Digital” is also not the same thing as having a mature Digital marketing capability.

“Being Digital” is the state of comprehensive organizational alignment designed to efficiently operate the business using seamlessly coordinated Digital and non-Digital means. 

How to Create Successful Mobile Experiences

The key to creating successful mobile experience is empathy. You put yourself in the user’s shoes and try to really understand their needs and wants. An easy shorthand is to factor these wants and needs based on the questions familiar to journalism students: who, what, why, when, where, and how.

4 Reasons Why To Use Cross-Platform Development Software

Developing and/or optimizing mobile apps can be quite confusing, starting with which platform to begin with; iOS, Android, Windows 10, or Blackberry for example.

When developing a mobile app one best practice is to consider designing for multiple platforms using cross platform tools and strategies. Here are 4 critical points on why using cross platform tools that “design once for many” has become an industry best practice.  

1. Reach

How to choose the right Digital Agency?

Need a trusted partner to help you build and execute a successful Digital Strategy? Get the list of the most important steps for the selection process of your Digital Agency or Digital Consulting Partner.