Invest in UX for Internal Business Applications?

When used for internal business applications, UX Design can lead to remarkable savings, increased productivity and happier employees. Billy Hollis, a UX Design strategist and professor on the topic, recently wrote a compelling article about determining when UX savings are worth the overall cost.

Security Considerations for Mobile and Mobile Web

When people think of mobile technology, security is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Usually people think of downloading some streaming tunes or contributing to their favorite social network; maybe responding to a quick email. Almost all of these applications have few, if any security concerns.

Wired Again

DOOR3 President & CEO, Alex Asianov’s article ‘Build Effective Enterprises With Usability Evaluation and Testing’ was featured on Wired’s community ‘Innovation Insights’

Responsive Web Design Retrofit Options

Mobile responsive design

The need to retrofit websites to accommodate mobile users is a common problem for businesses and enterprises. While it may seem much longer ago, the iPhone was first launched in 2007, ushering in a new era of tablet touch technology and becoming the standard-bearer of non-traditional (ie desktop) online experiences. These issues were compounded with the releases of Android tablets, iPads and a sea of different devices, all with slightly different capabilities and often drastically different screen sizes.

Does Your Business Need a Chief Mobility Officer?

Chief Mobility Officer

Jon Kuhun, Director of Product Management at Enterprise Mobility Group, Symantec, believes “perhaps nowhere else in IT is the opportunity to innovate as rich as it is with enterprise mobility.” Particularly, the fact that, “smartphones and tablets offer the chance to improve everything from employee productivity to how you interact with customers and achieve competitive advantage.” And yet, says Kuhn, “most enterprises are

Is Building an Enterprise App Store Right for Your Business?

Enterprise mobile app store

Large businesses have large IT issues. Amid the growing telecommuting and bring your own device cultures, security has become an increasing challenge. Lauren Brousell, of CIO Magazine, recently wrote a great article advocating for the building of private app stores. Among Brousell’s reasons are:

Improve quality control

Webinar: Essentials of Mobile Strategy - April 18 @ 11:00 ET / 15:00 GMT

Most large companies have started to introduce mobile applications or mobile-optimized user interfaces to their users, but few have realized the full potential for success. It is not uncommon for us to work with companies on reviewing and re-thinking mobile strategy. Some common discussions include:

Developing Workplace Apps: Enterprise vs. User Experience?

User experience design

As most mobile app developers will tell you, corporations face a constant struggle between wanting a program that works across all facets of their organization, fully integrating each component of their workflow, and wanting a program that provides a clean user experience with easy navigation. Paul Kapustka, of, recently wrote a compelling article about this subject.