Thoughts / 12/31/2013

Our Favorite Posts from 2013

From User Experience Design to Mobile App Development to Digital Strategy, this has been a busy year on the DOOR3 Blog. Lets take a look back at our top 5 favorite posts from 2013:








What can User Experience learn from Gaming?
In a moment of true honesty, most people will admit to having played a video game  in their lifetime. Whether it’s on their gaming system, on their Mobile phone app, or even in the antiquated arcade of yesteryear. The reason you continued to play? The user experience, the satisfaction of achievement.
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 Mobile Is More Than An App - It's An Ecosystem
The consumption of information on mobile devices is transforming the business landscape as we know it. Though the question still remains at every organization - Are we able to cope with   the rapidly changing mobile environment in our own organization? Read more


Building Personal Connections Through User Experience Design
At the heart of user experience design is the ability to create products that make a meaningful connection to users’ lives. A great app, or product, fills a need or performs a service for the user in a way that makes an impact on their day-to-day life. Read More


Does Your Business Need a Responsive Design Website?
Responsive design creates websites that present a similar user experience to all visitors, regardless of how the site is accessed (tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc.). Read more



5 UX challenges you shouldn't ignore
Whether you are planning the design of your new website or a re-design of existing one SUSAN WEINSCHENK, a blogger for UX Magazine recently wrote an article about the 5 worst UX mistakes to avoid. Read more



Did we miss any of your favorites? Drop us a line and let us know. See you in 2014!