Webinar: Strategic SharePoint - May 30 11:00 ET / 15:00 GMT

Strategic SharePoint

Especially with the introduction of SharePoint 2013 and increasing demand for cross-platform user experiences, SharePoint projects become more strategic in nature.

When we speak to clients regarding SharePoint initiatives, we often find:

Security Considerations for Mobile and Mobile Web

When people think of mobile technology, security is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Usually people think of downloading some streaming tunes or contributing to their favorite social network; maybe responding to a quick email. Almost all of these applications have few, if any security concerns.

Being Digital:The CIO / CMO Nexus

You are on your way. Your team cares about the customer journey, your product (or service) and marketing vision are coming into fresh focus, and you are well on your way to Being Digital.

Then, with a gut-wrenching squeal, the wheels grind to a near-halt.

This is often a sign that your product can’t be extended to support the newly designed improvements for the customer journey for any of the following reasons:

Being Digital: The Customer as a Rally Point

As discussed in Being Digital: State of the Union, a full operational alignment is needed to truly go Digital as a company. I recently had the privilege of hosting an illustrious group of global Digital CTOs for a discussion at the CDX conference. After some live, on-stage brainstorming, we came out with this pronouncement:
A Digital company is one whose internal structure and behavior are aligned to optimize the customer journey. 
I could feel the entire audience stop breathing for a moment.

Nobody Likes QA—But Everyone Needs It

Developing code without QA is synonymous to writing a novel without an editor. These four ways show you how QA reduces the flames on an already heated project.

Reimagining an NYC Icon: The Javits Center

The Javits Center launched their new website last week and DOOR3 played a part in it! We helped deliver a full blown website redesign that reflected their world class technology innovation.

DOOR3 at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015

We are excited to announce that Erik Vilinskis, Drupal Architect at DOOR3 is attending this year’s show.

ES6 - From Recursion to Tail Recursion

es6, recursion, tail recursion
The next version of JavaScript (ECMAScript 6 / ES6) will be introducing an incredibly powerful programming feature called Tail Recursion, a feature that I’m very excited about. In this article I want to talk a bit about recursion vs. iteration, tail recursion and what that means for the future of JavaScript.

Cryptocurrency 2015: The Rise and Adoption in E-Commerce

bitcoin adoption
Over the last few years the rise of cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. So how does it translate to everyday e-commerce? Let’s take a dive into cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin as our example because it has the largest community by far and the best commercial adoption to date.