Thoughts / 09/15/2014

Webinar Video: Love Your Load Times

During our recent partner webinar, “Love Your Load Times”, our rockstar Antonio Estevez joined Timani Tunduwani of Pantheon to discuss streamlining your digital assets for optimal website performance.


The guys talked at length about the best and most efficient ways to do this and highlighted a few of the more important topics such as:


  • Speed up load times for sites with heavy digital assets


  • Develop a strategy to manage digital assets globally


  • Evaluate the pros and cons of Drupal for media sites


But if you weren’t able to catch the webinar in person, not to worry, take a second and view the recording below:



If you feel like we missed anything or would like to learn how you can improve your site’s performance, drop us a line in the comments section below or email us at and let us know.