Work / 07/14/2011

Clinique Social Marketing

As part of a larger marketing campaign aimed at implementing social media and social networking, Clinique started the "Insiders Club" by selecting 20 women from a larger pool of applicants to get an exclusive sneak peek at the latest Clinque products.  Women chosen as Insiders had the unique opportunity to review products and share opinions on


Connecting Insiders to Web and Facebook

In addition to creating an Insiders Club web site, Clinique turned to DOOR3 to streamline the process of accessing content from their Content Management System (CMS) in order to build a social media presence and render the Insiders Club successful on Facebook.  The same XML used to build the Insiders Club web site was reused to populate the company's Facebook page in a format that is easily readable by the Facebook platform.  The resulting application reads XML from Clinique's main PHP web site, generates application content on Facebook and allows users to "Like" or comment on products and services.