Work / 07/14/2011

CPC's Real Estate Lending Platform

Sponsored by 70 prominent financial institutions, CPC is a nationally recognized leader in helping real estate developers finance and build affordable multi-family housing. CPC has invested more than $7.7 billion to finance more than 141,000 new or rehabbed units, improving quality of life for tens of thousands of people and preserving and enhancing countless communities.


Creating Efficiency and Effectiveness by Integrating Legacy Systems and Data and Orchestrating Business Processes

DOOR3 worked with CPC to perform business process analysis and, where necessary, re-engineer legacy business processes.  We then developed a concept for integrating core business data and documents, presenting these resources to users in an intranet portal format, and orchestrating key business processes using business process automation.   We worked with executives to develop organizational buy-in, and then delivered the solution using SharePoint, .NET custom code, K2 Blackpearl for workflow automation (business process automation), and the SQL Server suite for data architecture and business intelligence.  Processes that were historically managed by legacy systems and paper pushing were taken online to reduce processing time, re-keying overhead, error rates, and overall operating cost.   At the same time, spreadsheet and legacy database data were integrated into a a clean enterprise data architecture, automatically creating audit trails and operational and financial controls.  This solution paradigm also enabled central administration, account management, and real-time reporting.


The effort spent on concept and user experience design paid off in strong user adoption of the system, and CPC was able to demonstrably increase operational efficiency and economically handle a significant increase in lending volume. During the real estate downturn of 2008/2009, CPC was able to not only contain staff costs, but retain credibility with key financing sources as a result of the transparency, auditability of its business processes as well as the visibility and availability of key business metrics.