Work / 07/13/2011

NEP - Customized CRM

With over 400 employees worldwide, NEP Broadcasting is the leading international provider of outsourced teleproduction services critical to the live sports and entertainment industry.  NEP serves networks, producers and organizations through its divisions: NEP Supershooters, NEP Denali, NEP Visions, NEP Screenworks, New Century Productions, NEP Roll to Record and NEP Studios.  The world’s premier broadcast networks and production companies look to NEP to provide state-of-the-art facilities, engineering expertise and the finest customer service in support of major event broadcasts around the globe.


Deployment of a Custom Solution to Improve Responsiveness

DOOR3 began by meeting with NEP on-site where a number of interviews/requirement gathering sessions were conducted with members of the sales team.  Feedback gathered from these sessions uncovered the need for a solution that would help consolidate all of the contact info, rental history and contract info for clients across the sales team as well as helping them to schedule equipment rental based on availability, location and event timing.  As a result, DOOR3 developed and deployed a customized CRM solution for NEP in order to manage contact and customer information, store relevant account information and documents, utilize reporting data more effectively and facilitate knowledge sharing between the sales force and other functions within the company.