Work / 07/13/2011

Pure Fare's "My Fare" Platform

Philadelphia-based Pure Fare’s mission is to provide delicious, fresh, healthy, all natural foods representing the highest standards in quality, taste and nutrition.  The company has championed sustainable practices from composting to filtering its own bottled water to eco-friendly packaging.  Upon its founding, Pure Fare sought to provide its customers with health and weight management tools that would integrate with data received at point-of-sale in its store.  Naturally Pure Fare called upon DOOR3 to turn its visionary business model into a reality.


An innovative web portal to integrate health and point-of-sale information

Pure Fare’s “My Fare,” developed by DOOR3, is the first platform to seamlessly integrate with the in-store experience.  When a customer signs up for My Fare and eats at Pure Fare, a detailed nutritional breakdown of their purchase is sent to their My Fare profile page.  Additionally, the My Fare platform provides users with accurate insights into their current health, individually tailored food recommendations based on their profile and a tracking mechanism to measure progress toward individual health goals.  Any other foods consumed can also be logged and tracked utilizing a database containing over 30,000 foods that DOOR3 integrated with the portal.  Users are also eligible to receive coupons based on their in-store purchasing preferences. 


The My Fare platform achieved the company’s goals of an educational, comprehensive, personalized, visual and rewarding system that is easy for users to setup and utilize on an on-going basis.