Work / 07/14/2011

Qello Streams Concerts Cross-Platform

Qello is a multi-platform digital syndication service that streams HD quality content across all new media devices such as mobile phones, tablets, IPTVs, gaming consoles and the web. Qello is outfitted with the largest library of concert films in the world and provides thousands of hours of dynamic and exclusive HD concert film programming to music enthusiasts. With Qello, consumers can find it, stream it, and watch it - anytime, anywhere.


Setting the Standard for Application Development

Qello partnered with DOOR3 in order to create an innovative new app for Android and Honeycomb-powered tablets that would stream concerts in HD. DOOR3 was responsible for the application design and development on the project and was able to deliver a successful application. According to a statement received by NY Convergence, Qello president Bob Frank stated, "Qello maintains the largest exclusive library of HD concert films and entertainment content in the world...[with this application,] Android mobile and tablet consumers have unprecedented access to thousands of hours of HD concert films..."