Work / 05/28/2013

Surex Direct - Insurance Online!

Canada's first online insurance brokerage!


Surex Direct is an online insurance broker providing auto and home insurance to Alberta residents and was the first online offering of its kind in Canada. They are empowering customers to find the most affordable auto, home or business insuranceCustomers can instantly compare shop quotes on auto or home insurance, purchase policies and print proof of insurance all at one site. 


Drupal strategy, design & development


The story of the use of Drupal for Surex Direct is an interesting one! The Surex Direct site has a marketing side and an application side. On one hand, it is a marketing brochure site for those who want to learn about Surex Direct. Behind the brochure site is an application that handles policy management, quotes, management and review of policies, the printing of documents, and functionality to contact a broker or file a claim. These are tasks that a content management system is not generic enough to accommodate effectively. However, since Drupal is a platform, DOOR3 was able to create these elements with Drupal while also leveraging its full CMS functionality for the marketing site. Visit Linux Journal to learn more.