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Thoughts / 02/07/2018
Considering the large amount of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that’s available on the market, the time and cost of custom software development may only be appropriate in specific circumstances.
Thoughts / 02/01/2018
When poorly structured custom software development projects fail to deliver results, Lean takes undeserved blame.
Thoughts / 01/22/2018
You’ve just paid half a million dollars to a custom software development firm to create a customized software solution to help organize and manage your business. Now that Phase I is in service, how are you going to pay for Phase II and possibly even Phase III?
Thoughts / 06/14/2017
Whether a company has a brand new intranet solution or they’ve got one that’s ten years old, there are a few common problems that we see when working with our clients.
Thoughts / 05/30/2017
When you think of a website being hacked, you probably imagine consequences like identity theft, financial losses, or theft of proprietary information.
/ 05/30/2017
Michael Montecuollo, DOOR3's Director of User Experience and Design, on the "This is Product Management" podcast. He shares how we align stakeholders on a project’s priorities and how we conduct user research when the client is the end user.