Mobile is everywhere and it’s important to understand market trends to stay ahead of the game! A lot has been said about the rise of mobile on our blog recently, from both a Designer (UXD) and Developer’s perspective. Take a look at these top 5 articles for everything you need to know about mobile!

Go Small or Go Home

Mobile and tablet devices have changed the way that people, and customers, interact with their environments and YOUR company. There has never been a better time to get your company mobile and tablet ready. So forget about going big, go small! Read more»>

8 Ways To Build A Better User Friendly Mobile Experience

The rise in technology has caused businesses to provide the same customer experience on Mobile platforms as they do in their stores. Check out the 8 ways to create a successful User-Friendly Mobile Experience. Read more»>

5 Steps To Build An Engaging App

Everyone wants to build the next great app. An app that goes “viral”, generates revenue, keeps you on the cutting edge. Reality is 22% of downloaded apps are only used once. So what is a designer to do, just stop following their dream? No. The answer is to stay focused and build an app that delivers long term loyalty from your users. Here are 5 steps to build an engaging app. Read More»>

Creating Apps Users Will Quickly Adopt

Not only has it become extremely competitive to get your app downloaded, but it has become difficult to engage a user and get them coming back for more. These suggestions will help you create an application that users will not only download, but adopt and stay engaged. Read more»>

How to determine the cost of making an App?

You’ve just had the eureka moment! You’ve thought of an app that will save the world, or at minimum make life for everyone a little easier. All you need now is someone to build it! Of course it’s important to find the right developer, but a key component to the formula is cost. Read more»>

Be sure to checkout our next article on ‘Things Businesses Shouldn’t Assume While Planning To Build Their Next App’ next week.

Nilesh Rohra is a Marketing Coordinator at DOOR3. What are you doing to keep up with the emerging mobile market? Drop a line in the comments section below and let us know.

Nilesh Rohra
Nilesh Rohra
Marketing Coordinator
12.03. 2014
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