There are two ways to arrive in an unfamiliar land: as a known guest or as an anonymous stranger.

It is your first time to Iceland, say. You can either disembark the plane clutching your phone or travel book, eyes open for taxis, coffee, and the English language. Or, you can alight from the plane into the waiting arms of someone you know and trust who is already relieving you of your luggage. He’s got coffee, too. This way to the car, dear guest.

Yes, there are times when anonymity and chance make for delightful travel companions. But less so when pushing farther beyond the usual boundaries or when traveling with young kids, when the certainties of food and rest are paramount.

Why this reflection? Recently, I was asked to participate in an exercise to shine a light on DOOR3’s identity, that would answer the question: Who are we to our clients?

Here’s where we landed: We act as a trusted guide as they embark on technology projects. To our clients, DOOR3 is a reliable local in the land of software development.

We help our clients navigate the challenging terrain of under-defined requirements, unfamiliar technologies, and strict budgets to deliver complex technology projects on time.

And like travel, technology projects aren’t always undertaken for fun. Market forces often compel our clients to act, and when they do, we are there to meet them.

Jonathan Blessing
Jonathan Blessing
Chief Executive Officer
07.28. 2021
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