On Sunday, September 9th, DOOR3 employees gathered early on the west side of New York City, just outside of Central Park, to run the Race for the Cure. All told, DOOR3 raised a modest (but meaningful) chunk of change, thanks to the coordination provided by Lauren Sapienza, operations manager extraordinaire. This is the second year that Lauren spearheaded the event, and there is no doubt that we are indebted to her for her assistance and persistence. She got our heads out of the code (and the blankets) for a great cause, and we were happy to spend a gorgeous late summer morning in the center of the action in Central Park. I had a chance to catch up with her to offer our thanks.


EC: Why did you form the D3 race team?

LS: I created the D3 race team because we had such a great time at the race last year - and what’s better than being healthy and raising money for a good cause at the same time?

EC: What do you know about Komen?

LS: Komen doesn’t just raise money for breast cancer research, but also for education and women’s health awareness! So, important.

EC: Do you know any survivors or victims of Breast Cancer?

LS: I have multiple family friends who have survived breast cancer.

EC: What was the most memorable part of the race? Did anything surprise you? Did anything disappoint?

LS: Why, the finish line, of course! I was surprised by how many of my team members actually showed up this year! Yay! I wish they would’ve provided bagels. :)

EC: You were quite the fundraiser; how much did you raise from your friends and family? What other charitable causes do you support? Any you have been meaning to investigate?

LS: I exceeded my goal to raise $395! I also support the ASPCA, The Toby Project, HRC, AIDSWalk, and Broadway Cares.

EC: If you were not racing on Sunday morning, what else might you have been doing?

LS: Sleeping!!!!

EC: You mean invoicing, right? LOL! Okay, be honest… After, were you sore?

LS: My calves were a little tight. But I’ll be really sore after I run 11 miles tonight - that’s what makes me sore.

EC: Okay, wow. Go for it! Anything else you care to add?

LS: I’m just always so surprised and excited about the enthusiasm from the DOOR3 team. I may have to send out multiple emails to get people to fundraise, but when it comes down to the wire, they do it and they run and we always have a great time. :) And our t-shirts are AWESOME this year!

EC: Thank you very much for coordinating a great Sunday morning charitable activity!

Ellen Cowan

Ellen Cowan

AVP, Business Development

09.17. 2012

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