Earlier this week, Apple announced the new iOS 7, CEO Tim Cook calling it, “the biggest change to the platform since the iPhone was introduced five years ago,” according to an article on TheVerge.com.

The new operating system has profound applications for mobile app developers and digital strategy in coming months and years. While many features on the iPhone will remain consistent, numerous changes have been made that will affect user experience.

Improved Features include:

Updated design

  • A more muted color scheme with modern shades and themes.

  • Flat design, which has the effect of making the screen seem larger because, “each app makes better use of the screen real-estate available to it.”

  • Core features including the calendar, phone and messages have, “lost their skeuomorphic designs and now feature clean, flat layouts.”

  • A series of dots replacing the more traditional bar graph signal strength indicator.

Built-In App features

  • Increased organizational capabilities - folders lost their 12-16 app limit and can now hold hundreds of apps.

  • Sliding, gesture-based navigation.

  • Ability to view notification screen from the lock screen (no more sliding open just to see how many notifications you have).

NEW Features include:

Control Center

  • This swipe-up menu gives users “quick access to commonly used functions. It lets you control your music and toggle airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, brightness, and more.”


  • TheVerge explains, “AirDrop is a new feature in iOS 7 that lets you share content with other iOS users through the Control Center. It lets you share with other users who are close by, and tells you who you can send content to right within Control Center. This is Apple’s answer to Samsung’s group sharing features and the tap-based NFC sharing supported by other platforms. It works on the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, fourth-generation iPad, and iPad mini.” This feature in particular could have profound impacts for enterprise mobile app developers.

iTunes Radio

  • Incorporation of Apple’s new iTunes Radio with on-demand features and personally curated selections.

Location-based App Store

  • Users can now search for apps that are popular in a specific location, allowing mobile app developers to cultivate a local following. TheVerge gives an example of visiting a museum and being able to easily see apps related to the artwork or tour experience.

On-the-go feature improvements include:

  • Major improvements to iOS in the car, allowing you to integrate the device with numerous vehicles (for multiple car families).

  • Siri voice selection (male or female), with many additional language capabilities scheduled in time.

There are more changes yet to be revealed in Apples iOS 7, which is scheduled for release this fall. It is clear that there will be numerous new opportunities for mobile app developers. Which new or improved features do you think will have the biggest impact on your life or business?


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