Mobile app developers are getting some exciting new tools thanks to a partnership announced between IBM and AT&T last week. The companies plan to deliver better tools and resources to developers building next-generation apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

In an article for, author Darryl K. Taft explained what the deal could mean for customers, “Under this new partnership, customers will benefit from access to secure, high-quality apps, including those featuring speech-recognition and mobile-payment capabilities.”

The article quotes Phil Buckellew, vice president of mobile strategy at IBM, on the significance of this deal for developers, “As the business opportunities associated with mobile technologies move beyond the device to the enterprise, we must continue to invest in tools and resources that enable developers to create apps that meet changing demands… Our partners at AT&T share this commitment to building out the mobile development ecosystem and driving more value from mobile technologies. With access to some of the most powerful development tools in the industry, developers will now be better able to help organizations accelerate and monetize their mobile strategies.”

AT&T’s Vice President of Developer Services, Carlton Hill, is quoted as being equally upbeat about the partnership, “AT&T is committed to the success of our rapidly growing developer community… By expanding our platform’s reach and making our API toolkit available on an expanding number of platforms, including IBM Worklight, our developers have the information, tools and resources to continue to build great things and contribute to the mobile ecosystem in meaningful new ways.”

What benefits or impact do you expect to see in the developer community from the IBM, AT&T partnership?

Ellen Cowan
Ellen Cowan
AVP, Business Development
02.26. 2013
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