Aarong, announced its first eCommerce site during Eid-ul-Fitr a couple of month ago. It is one of the first major Bangladeshi organizations to bring Western website design to Eastern audiences by providing a high-class user experience.

“Aarong took great care in ensuring that users get a high quality shopping experience in their online shop in sync with the brand promise.” -Tamara Abed, Senior Director, BRAC Social Enterprises

Aarong is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle brand in Bangladesh operating under BRAC, the largest non-profit in the world. Fighting to uphold the dignity of the marginalised, this chic brand’s mission is to provide income-generating and social development opportunities for rural women, while also protecting and promoting Bangladeshi handcrafts. DOOR3 acted as Aarong’s strategic partner for digital marketing and website design.

“This was an amazing project in the sense that we were doing something that would directly impact the lives of people on the ground in Bangladesh, helping them gain a better livelihood by expanding the market for their products. The trip that we took out there for the discovery was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life,“ said Sean Robertson, DOOR3 Developer on the project.

Click here to learn more about DOOR3’s role with this project.

You can read more on Aarong’s successful website launch here and here.

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Alix Cochran

Alix Cochran

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12.22. 2014

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