New York, NY, August 18, 2011 – Enterprise architects at DOOR3 are optimizing user experience and integrating antiquated systems to streamline business processes and maximize data sharing for client Community Preservation Corporation (CPC).

CPC, a nationally recognized leader in helping developers finance and build affordable multi-family housing, is sponsored by more than 80 prominent financial institutions. The organization has invested more than $7.7 billion to finance more than 141,000 new or rehabbed units, improving quality of life for tens of thousands of people and preserving and enhancing countless communities. However, antiquated technology and processes were resulting in a significant lag in processing time and threatened overall organizational effectiveness. CPC turned to DOOR3 to develop one uniform platform that could integrate with existing software packages to increase quality of data, optimize performance and incorporate additional functionalities such as real-time reporting. The resulting technology solution provided a simple, uniform interface across the organization that combined databases to maximize efficiency at the department level and minimize disruption and frustration at the organizational level. The design of the system allow for a pleasant user experience on the front-end while adding functionality and data sharing on the back-end.

Utilizing the platform that DOOR3 built has allowed CPC to realize time and cost savings in addition to capacity to significantly increase lending volume. The new platform also allows for easy ongoing administration, account management and reporting. Says John McCarthy, CPC’s Executive Vice President and COO: “”What DOOR3 brought to the table right away were relevant expertise, strategic focus, powerful analytical techniques, the ability to really listen to client needs and a commitment to delivering value on time and on budget”.


DOOR3 designs and builds interactive enterprise applications for web, social and mobile media. The company has built its reputation on translating marketing ideas and business processes into executable, usable applications that create efficiencies and profits for its clients. Founded in 2002, DOOR3 is headquartered in New York City. For more information, contact

Ellen Cowan
Ellen Cowan
AVP, Business Development
08.16. 2011
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