Earlier this month DOOR3 attended the Drupal Meetup on January 15th at CPX Interactive. This month’s meetup was centred around Drupal Theming with great presentations on all aspects of Front End Design and Development in Drupal.

It was also time to celebrate Drupal’s 13th birthday and our own Sean Robertson took part by giving a very well-received presentation about his own experiences with Drupal, the community, and what it means to him.

We endeavour to participate in and contribute to the Drupal community and have enjoyed several community awards. Our development teams provide enhanced custom features, high-performance tuning, and long term support for Drupal sites.

Our involvement with Drupal means our team is on top of changes in Drupal features and security issues, as well as best practices for hosting and development that provides maximum performance, scalability and security. Our expertise is illustrated by our record of providing long-term web solutions that perform and adapt to the evolving needs of both end-users and site administrators.

We have built and maintained dozens of Drupal sites, enjoy a long-standing Drupal industry partnership, and use Drupal to power our own web presence and marketing. Learn more about Drupal Development at DOOR3.

Nilesh Rohra
Nilesh Rohra
Marketing Coordinator
01.24. 2014
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