Allow me to welcome everyone to DOOR3’s Technology blog. My name is Lisa Becker and I am the Marketing Projects Manager at DOOR3. My work, much like DOOR3’s, lies at the point where marketing and technology intersect. Beyond marketing technology however, modern technology is being integrated into just about every business process imaginable, increasing efficiencies and improving the quality of our lives along the way. You can count on DOOR3’s insights to keep you abreast of all the latest news and trends in technology tapping into the knowledge of our own in-house techies Alexander Castillo and Hal Eager amongst others.

We understand that successful technology management paves the way for effective, efficient processes and productivity. Given the rate of change in this rapidly evolving industry however, it can be difficult to stay abreast of all the latest and greatest. At DOOR3, we are constantly learning the latest best practices and techniques to apply to our client solutions and we are actively implementing the latest technologies including, but not limited to, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. We serve our clients with deep technological expertise and solid experience and we are happy to share both with you.

We look forward to exploring topics in modern technology with you and we encourage your participation. Don’t hesitate to email us with suggestions for future tech topics including any current tech issues you’ve run into that you’d like to share.

Look for our first post on Tuesday, September 6th and check back with us about once a month for new posts. In addition, please feel free to follow us on Twitter @DOOR3 and like us on Facebook to immerse yourself even further into Technology at DOOR3!

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Lisa Becker
Lisa Becker
Digital Marketing Consultant
08.16. 2011
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