Google+ Sign-In gives mobile app developers a new option for tying apps into the growing social media market. In an announcement last week, Google began offering developers access to the option for iOS and web applications through their developer docs, and for Android applications through Google Play Services. Early adopters have already integrated with Google+ Sign-In including Banjo, FitBit, Flixster, The Guardian, USA Today and many more.

Integrating Google account sign-in is a good way to help increase the user experience of some apps, especially those users who access web-based and mobile versions of the same app. explains, “Using Google+ Sign-In, users will be able to sign in to a Website with Google, then install its mobile app on their Android device with a single click. Users will also be able to choose whether they want to share their activities with others online using Google+, or to keep them private, according to the service. In addition, a user’s friends on Google+ will see a new kind of interactive post in their Google+ streams that when clicked allows them to see inside the app, where they can buy, listen to or review what the user shared,”

The potential for increased integration is massive; according to, Google+ has approximately 235 million active users and 135 million users who are ‘mostly observers’.

What impact, if any, will the new Google+ Sign-In have on your digital strategy?

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