Gerrit Veeder
Gerrit Veeder
Director of Marketing

New York, New York - November 24, 2014 - DOOR3 celebrated its 12th year anniversary this past weekend, November 22nd as a leading digital agency. It has been an exciting year for DOOR3! We have expanded offices to the southern US and European regions, as well as added many new faces to the DOOR3 family.

Alex Asianov, CEO and President, took a few minutes this weekend to reflect on DOOR3’s current and future direction.

“The DOOR3 brand is now attracting an exceptional group of clients because we provide a broad spectrum of intelligently integrated services, from cutting-edge Digital / IT strategy consulting that helps set clear direction, to software design and development by DOOR3’s exceptional staff who are absolutely dedicated to getting our clients over the finish line. By helping our clients succeed and by continuing to be innovators and experts in the industry, we create a positive, collaborative environment that attracts the most talented staff. Our leadership in mobile and web user experience design and software delivery keeps our clients coming back project after project. And our strategic advisory services help our clients confidently follow the roadmaps that we draw together, lead them toward their goals and aspirations. We look forward in 2015 to more great client partnerships, and an ever-expanding range of challenges we will solve together”

About DOOR3

Founded in 2002, DOOR3 is a privately held digital agency, headquartered in New York City, with offices along the Eastern seaboard and in Europe. DOOR3 offers a full suite of digital services in Strategy, User Experience & Design, cross-platform Application Development and Maintenance & Support. In collaboration with our clients, we plan, design and build interactive applications for web, social and mobile media.

DOOR3 offers a unique balance of award-winning user experience design and hard-core software development expertise. We provide both an unbiased “best tool for the job” technical advisory approach, as well as an objective and transparent approach to the commercial aspects of the vendor-client relationship. DOOR3 helps optimize solutions to maximize the business impact of digital investments by living at the intersection of enterprise marketing, product development and technology.


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