New York, NY, August 18, 2011 – Facebook, Angry Birds, UrbanSpoon, Google Earth – where would we be without our mobile apps? There has been a fundamental shift in the last five years or so in the way that consumers experience computing and use mobile phones. The introduction of mobile applications makes it possible for consumers to be connected with all of their favorite brands literally whenever and wherever, which begs the question of whether any brand can really afford to stay on the sidelines in this hyper-mobile environment. DOOR3 is helping brands capitalize on this key touch point by developing customized mobile solutions that entertain and engage users as well as provide increased on-the-go access to the content and tools they want.

Currently, DOOR3 is leading user experience design agency in New York for an innovative point-of-sale mobile payment solution for a major financial services institution sponsored by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. According to Ian Mansfield, editor of “Near field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology…intended primarily for intuitive, simple and secure communications between two electronic devices in close proximity to each other - a perfect fit for a mobile payment application”. Mansfield is expecting an explosive growth phase starting next year, paving the way for a boom in the mobile payments business. DOOR3 is thrilled to play a design and development role in one of the first NFC solutions and effectively lead its clients into the future of technology solutions.

According to Giselle Tsirulnik, Senior Editor at Mobile Commerce Daily, the application DOOR3 developed for online grocer Fresh Direct “truly realizes the potential of mobile shopping – it is not a stripped-down version of the FreshDirect experience, it IS the FreshDirect experience. Not only can customers shop the entire store, the application is completely integrated with the FreshDirect site”. The application, available on iPhone and launching on Android soon, recreates the web ecommerce experience, including purchasing and scheduling deliveries. On the front-end, the challenge was to develop a fully-featured, yet simple to use experience that shoppers would be able to view on a 9cm LCD screen. On the back-end, the challenge included providing the application with all of the real-time data on thousands of product SKUs, many of which change on a daily basis. DOOR3 assumed development, delivery and support of the initial iPhone application after initial attempts by another firm and continues to serve as Fresh Direct’s mobile partner for ongoing strategy, application development, support and maintenance.

Beyond the Rack, a private sample sale site launched in March 2009, selected DOOR3 to serve as its mobile commerce partner, designing and developing applications to support the mobile transactions of its 2 million and growing membership. The company, which sells designer goods at deep discounts to its by-invitation-only membership, offers up 10 new deals daily in product categories such as apparel, accessories, beauty, housewares and home décor. Because these deals are limited in both time and quantity, this mobile application is essential for shoppers who want to take advantage of daily deals but don’t want to be tied to their desks in order to participate.

Additional consumer-facing mobile applications developed by DOOR3 include Ride the City, an application that helps bicyclists find safer routes around cities and an application for Opinionaided, developed in partnership with Kurani Interactive, that allows users to get advice and opinions on anything in real-time, praised by app store reviews as “the most insanely addictive and time-destroying app ever”. DOOR3 also provides user experience and mobile application development on iPhone, Android, and Google TV for Qello, a digital syndication service that streams HD quality content across all new media devices to hundreds of millions of users.

DOOR3, in partnership with Fuse Youth Marketing, also recently developed a mobile application “game” for retail associate product training for global athletic products company New Balance. According to Fuse, the target users loved the application so much that the average user played 108 games! Additionally, DOOR3 partnered with Elizabeth Arden on a product promotion application and with Thin-site on the Thin-cam application, a solution for consumers facing the weight loss challenge that allows the user to visually record meals for nutritional tracking. Thin-cam was named one of the Top 10 Diet and Fitness Web Apps by Women’s Day magazine.


DOOR3 designs and builds interactive enterprise design systems and applications for web, social and mobile media. The company has built its reputation on translating business analysis process and marketing ideas and into executable, usable applications that introduce efficiencies and valuable results. Founded in 2002, DOOR3 is headquartered in New York City. For more information, contact

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