Are the waterfall project management metrics good for an agile model?

Does the new era of application development impact the way we manage projects?

Does customer driven software and mobile application development require a new sets of metrics?

These are just a few of the questions that the Forrester Analyst – Lo Giudice tries to address in his recent article “Modern app development requires a modern set of metrics.

After extensive research Lo Giudice has concluded “that an increasing number of organizations are thinking differently: they accept that, no matter how good a team is, it just can’t estimate all development projects with the same precision. That’s especially true when new technologies, such as mobile apps or scale-out public cloud infrastructure, are involved.”

Not only have organizations, profiled in their research, begun to accept this but they are changing their measurement practices “to reflect the belief that it’s a waste of time to spend weeks or months specifying requirements up front. No matter how good the team is, requirements will change frequently - especially with customer-facing systems of engagement during the initial stages of development.”

What do you think, is this something that you’ve experienced? Let us know your thoughts and drop us a line.

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