New York, NY, July 16,2011 – DOOR3 is proud to announce that its client Qello was recently featured as the Android App of the Week for PRJCT Mobile.

PRJCT Mobile shares new and better ways to utilize mobile electronics such as phones, tablets, software and other miscellaneous tools. The featured Qello application, which is phone and tablet optimized, streams concerts in HD from as early as the 1960s to the present of the most popular musical acts. Chris MacDonald of PRJCT Mobile: “It’s the iTunes of concert rentals”.

Utilizing DOOR3’s application development team, Qello has been able to create a top-notch app noted for its uniqueness, ease of use, convenience and affordability. Matt Carona, Vice President of Product Development for Qello: “DOOR3 has consistently shown themselves to be ahead of the competition in execution of mobile application development, strategic and forward thinking. We are impressed by the expertise and dedication set forth to build products, which were delivered on time and superseded all expectation. ‘DOOR3’ and ‘delivering on promise’ should be considered synonymous.”


DOOR3 designs and builds interactive enterprise applications for web, social and mobile media. The company has built its reputation on translating marketing ideas and business processes into executable, usable applications that create efficiencies and profits for its clients. Founded in 2002, DOOR3 is headquartered in New York City. For more information, contact

Qello is a digital service that streams HD quality music concerts across multiple media devices including smartphones, tablets and IPTVs. The Qello platform is equipped with the largest library of concerts in the world wherein users can find any concert, stream it and watch it anywhere at any time.

Lisa Becker
Lisa Becker
Digital Marketing Consultant
07.16. 2011
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