Whether used as a brochure site or a conversion marketing machine, the company website is one of the most important digital properties. There are many reasons why you might need website redesign services. In this article we have tried to outline four reasons what should make you rethink your current website redesign.

Signs You Need Website Redesign Services

Is content management getting tedious?

If your website is content heavy and needs daily, weekly, monthly updating and monitoring having a solid Content Management System (CMS) to help is crucial. The content management system means you no longer have to hard code in HTML or CSS.

The top CMSs out there are upgraded every couple of years. With these upgrades, new, better and more efficient content workflows are released, making your life easier.

For example, Drupal 8 will feature an inline editor and content staging. SharePoint 2013 has a Rich Text Editor Web Part, Content Editor Web Part, or HTML field control. Changing or upgrading your current Content Management System is a good sign that you need website redesign services.

Is your website optimized for the search engines?

Having a search engine friendly website is critical for success for your organic rankings. Be found online is one of the most important goals for your website. A clean and logical Information Architecture, website speed performance, URL’s structures are essential for your website ranking.

If you want to improve your ranking, get found by the right people, and avoid being penalized by Google, make sure you are following the “white hat” SEO techniques or considering website redesign project risk factors in your optimization processes.

Is your website accessible across different devices and platforms?

Very often new devices with web browsing capability are released. From computers and tablets to smartphones. Not to mention that modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are updated every 6 weeks. So, Is your website accessible to the larger audience via smartphones and tablets? And if so, is your website compatible with the various browsers available for those devices?

For cross-device compatibility, responsive web design may be the way to go. Implementing new technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript frameworks can also improve your website’s performance.

Is your website catching up with the competition?

Another reason to evaluate your website for a possible redesign service is to measure how is doing against the competitors. Obsessing over competition is not recommendable, but a benchmark and regular analysis could provide you insight and ideas. You could run reports and benchmark your website performance with and or simply if the look and feel of your website is updated and fresh.

If you answered no on all of the four questions, you should seriously consider looking for website redesign services.

At DOOR3, our talented creative design team can help you revamp your website with the help of our design system roadmap to increase its graphic appeal, usability, and overall trustworthiness. And if you want to know about website redesign project risk factors and solutions to reduce them, click here. Contact us today!

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