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Let me be the first to say welcome to Digital Strategy @DOOR3! My name is Lisa Becker and I am currently DOOR3’s Marketing Project Manager. I have worked in business development and marketing strategy in a variety of different industries ranging from professional services to non-profit to agency and food & beverage. I have a keen interest in digital strategy and, in addition to managing digital marketing and social media initiatives for DOOR3, I consult to our clients on the same. In conjunction with some of my colleagues, I’m looking forward to delving into hot topics in the Digital Strategy world with you.

In an increasingly digital world, companies can no longer be without a digital strategy. Whether it’s starting a Twitter or Facebook account, building a YouTube channel, developing mobile apps, blogging or engaging in SEO/SEM initiatives, digital marketing plays an essential role in a company’s portfolio. Some of the topics we will further explore in this blog will be: identifying and finding your target audience via digital technology, interactive digital communications, the importance of social media, engaging mobile applications as part of the digital portfolio, message alignment in the digital environment and my personal favorite, the seemingly neverending lineup of cool new Google products in this space.

Look for our first post on Monday, August 22nd and check back for new posts about once a month. Finally, please feel free to make this blog interactive by commenting and asking as many questions as you like. This is a very exciting and evolving topic and I’d love to take your suggestions on future developments in the field that you’d like to learn more about.

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Lisa Becker

Lisa Becker

Digital Marketing Consultant

08.16. 2011

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