During November, DOOR3 proudly participated in the Movember Foundation’s challenge in growing mustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to improving the lives of men. To date over 4 million Movember registrants have raised $559 million for prostate cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems.

DOOR3 hosted a company Mustache Fundraiser to drive donations and provide some friendly competition. 11 contestants competed in growing the snazziest stache to win prizes (and of course bragging rights) and over half of the company became involved by contributing and voting in the competition. On top of that, all funds raised were matched by DOOR3 and donated to The Movember Foundation. BIG thank you to everyone who participated!!! We used the power of the mustache to unite the workplace and make a difference, while having some fun!

Below we have provided mugshots of the contestants for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

  • Ahmed

  • Gerrit

  • Greg

  • Nilesh

  • Rahul

  • Sean

  • Bob

  • Will

  • 3rd Place: Ryan

  • 2nd Place: Brian

And the winner of the DOOR3 Mustache Contest……….ROCKY!!!

Alix Cochran is the Digital Marketing Manager at DOOR3. For more info on how you can bring the Movember movement to your workplace, click here»

Alix Cochran
Alix Cochran
Digital Marketing Manager
12.02. 2014
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