If you feel like you’ve seen a lot of spooky elements in advertising and promotions lately, both digital and traditional, you’re certainly not alone. From GM’s OnStar Monster Dodger to the Mike’s Hard Lemonade ‘Zombify’ Facebook app to the Craftsman Tools’ towering 22-story skeleton looming over Times Square, it seems everyone is jumping on the Halloween bandwagon. While seasonal advertising and promos are certainly not a new idea, don’t we all enjoy a good one when we see it? With no further ado, some of this author’s favorite Halloween ads of 2011.

Google – “Halloween Doodle 2011”

Honda Civic – “It’s good to be a zombie”

Fedex – “Take the drama out of delivery”

Starburst – “Bored to death”

Allstate – “Mayhem”

Happy Halloween from DOOR3!

Lisa Becker
Lisa Becker
Digital Marketing Consultant
10.31. 2011
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