Photo from Pantheon chatting with Antonio about Drupal 8 & breakdancing.

DrupalCon, in nontechnical terms, is a GIANT geek family reunion. Nerds of all shapes and sizes gather to catch up and express their passion for software innovation. This year Drupal Nerds took over Austin, Texas to celebrate the release of Drupal 8. From what we heard, it was an incredible conference filled with energy and collaboration.

Here are a few words from our very own Antonio Estevez, aka Tony, who attended the conference:

DOOR3: DrupalCon was held in the great state of Texas this year. Did you spot any Cowboys?

TONY: You mean besides me? ;) Seriously though, Texas does have a charm that is intrinsically tied to the cowboy persona. There is a cool, polite confidence that exudes from the state and its people that is very noticeable and likeable.

On a scale 1-10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate this DrupalCon experience and why?

I would rate it as an 8. Drupalcon itself was incredibly useful to me. DOOR3’s technology partners, in particular, made the experience really worthwhile. I felt like a princess at the ball from all the attention I received!

What about the the launch of Drupal 8 are you most excited about?

OOP in Drupal and the use of plugins over the various hook_info and hook_info_alter hooks. And twig templating. And translatable fields (via object inheritance). There are too many good things. I can’t decide!

Rumor is you attended the site builder session by Michael Schmid? What was your biggest takeaway from this session?

It was very informative and got me hungry for more Drupal 8! It was quite amazing the way the session was able to squeeze in such a high level overview of Drupal 8. I would recommend any Drupal Architect that knows Drupal 7 very well, but hasn’t had the bandwidth to explore Drupal 8 to watch this session.

Interesting thing about Michael, is that he’s a photographer as well; I found some nice pics he took here.

The next two DrupalCons are to be in Amsterdam in September and Bogota in 2015. Besides having the chance to travel abroad, do you want to attend and would you recommend others to go?

Yes, I want to attend and yes others should go. The sense of community and respect at Drupal events is not only helpful in terms of learning more about Drupal, it also recharges one’s ability to creatively address the problems that Drupal can solve. And it’s FUN!

Most important question, did you bring us back any souvenirs?

Ha! Funny thing is that one of our partners ran out of men’s shirts, so I wasn’t able to get one or bring one back for Sean Robertson who wasn’t able to attend.. But when I got back to NYC, it turned out he took matters into his own hands and secured himself one straight from the source. So he got one and I didn’t!

Antonio Estevez is an experienced Drupaler and Open Source Architect at DOOR3.

Nilesh Rohra
Nilesh Rohra
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06.16. 2014
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