Role Objectives

1. Build a software development team in Poland

This team will include software developers, QA engineers, and project managers. Core technology competence should be achieved in .NET, .Node, React, and Angular.

  • With the support of People Strategy, recruit and hire the best.
  • Retain the best: Mentor team members, offer career guidance, and support professional development.
  • Ensure the team feels like a team.
  • Provide annual evaluations
  • Review their work.
  • Ensure the team is using the best tools.
  • Promote and evangelize development best practices, industry standards, and tech innovations to the organization.

2. Optimize the team’s allocations

  • Keep the team billing, and help maintain a healthy departmental GM.
  • Ensure the right person for the right project.
  • Know what all team members are doing, how they are doing, and plan for what they will do next.

3. Cross-practice communication. Maintain weekly leadership meetings to discuss common issues and solutions.

4. Staff internal projects

  • Сontinuously develop and improve internal projects (starter kits, flamingo, etc.).
  • Inspire the right people to collaborate in internal project development.

5. Support the local team. Together with the Director of People Strategy, support the local team with senior management oversight and foster company culture.

Responsibilities also include:
  • As part of our ongoing recruiting process, be a magnet for technology talent. We are looking for more than just your technical chops; we are looking for colleagues who bring their top game and leadership.
  • Participate in our technology braintrust to help evolve our technology discipline and best practices.
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of evolving technologies and contribute to ongoing technology steering.
Relevant Experience
  • At this time, we are very interested in candidates who have at least 8 years of experience working in Poland in the field of software development, particularly with consulting firms.
  • At least 3 years experience as a Director or Team Lead where your leadership skills played a key factor in successful delivery.
  • You must be a subject matter expert across several or all of the following: .Net, React/React Native, Angular, and/or Node.js. The typical maturation for this is 8-10 years, but if you’ve been a quick study and have the demonstrated expertise, the exact number of years is not critical.
  • Experience using modern frameworks (React Native, etc.) to build mobile solutions is a plus.
  • Experience working with distributed teams is a plus.
  • Senior-level expertise in devOps across two of the following platforms: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.

How to apply: Please submit your resume and cover letter to