Location: USA, remote

We are looking for sharp, hardworking junior developers who have recently graduated and/or have little to no work experience. Put another way, we’re looking for inexperienced hackers that want to learn the art of building complex business applications.

The screening process will select for aptitude, motivation, and cultural fit. We are looking for folks that are coding-inclined, coding-motivated, and of obvious integrity. (Probity was listed last, but matters the most.)

Essential Job Duties:
  • Under the guidance of a mentor, learn the art of development.
  • Code, code, code.
  • Read, study, watch, learn, repeat.
Required Skills & Experiences:
  • You can already make things happen with a computer.
  • Strong knowledge of at least one programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, C#/.NET.
  • A basic understanding of SDLC would be welcome.
  • Advanced knowledge of at least one OS.
  • Ideally, you’re familiar with the fundamentals of Computer Science because you’ve read Turning.
  • Necessarily you take direction well and enjoy the company of other people.

How to apply: Please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@door3.com And, in the subject line of your email, include reference to your favorite tech stack.