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Application Usability Improvement Solutions

A poor user experience can hold your company’s core software back and hamstring productivity. By investing the time and effort to improve usability, you can see real improvements in efficiency and employee productivity. We bring years of in-depth enterprise design expertise and knowledge to help businesses bring their mission-critical software into the 21st century and boost efficiency.

Application Usability Improvement Solutions

Application Usability Improvement DOOR3

DOOR3 has extensive experience auditing software and providing a path forward for application usability improvement. Whether your company’s software predates user experience as a discipline or is just lagging behind in terms of user-friendliness, an application usability improvement exercise can pay dividends for your business. Users expect a certain level from the technology in their lives, and your internal programs are no exception. But improving them doesn’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul; an application usability improvement exercise can help your company find gains from the most high-impact incremental updates.

At DOOR3, we work with complex enterprise applications every day. We have more than a decade of experience building and retooling software to find efficiencies and generally create a good experience for business users and customers. With a time-tested process in place, and the combined expertise of our integrated teams, we excel at finding the right application usability improvements for companies that will boost their business for the long run.

Here’s just a sample of our many application usability improvement solution capabilities:

Usability Audit & Feature Prioritization
We review enterprise applications against UX design  heuristics, competitors, and industry best practices, compiling a comprehensive log of defects and suggestions and prioritizing based on the level of effort and impact.

User Research
Whether clients are looking to learn more about how their teams work best or glean insights from potential customers, we have extensive experience conducting user interviews, focus groups, and application testing.

Product Road Testing
We work with clients developing new applications and digital products to “stress test” their offerings and get initial sample customer reactions, to ensure they’re optimized before being released to the market.

Application Redesign
We design (or redesign) and develop smart interfaces to improve application usability.

Iterative Design Engagement
We interpret user feedback and observe employees and customers using clients’ applications, to conceive and products updates and tweaks to continually optimize business software.


We conduct a comprehensive audit of your software
The first step to improving your application usability is admitting you have a problem. We apply an industry-accepted set of heuristics along with the latest research and best practices for your field to complete a systematic evaluation of your applications and log any and all issues we find that may be limiting your users.

Go straight to the source: your users
Whether you know it or not, you’ve been compiling user feedback since the launch of your software, in the form of IT complaints and service tickets. We take it a step further, conducting interviews and testing to find friction points and interactions that are less than optimal, as well as learn what your users need to succeed.

And consider their environment
So much of application usability depends on context: Are your employees working on the road? Filling out forms on a noisy factory floor? Or perhaps multitasking across a range of programs? To make sure that your software provides the most optimal experience, it’s important to understand the context in which it’s being used, as well as other tools and tasks that are competing for your employees’ time and attention.

Then we prioritize the most urgent updates
We combine the results of our UX audit with our user findings and a competitive review if your application is customer-facing to produce a prioritized list of suggested next steps. Updates are ranked based on which will provide the most impact for your business, as well as on the level of effort, so you know which areas you need to invest in and where you can start to see results right away with little tweaks.

And help you create the best solution
Our UX design team doesn’t just have experienced strategic and research skills; we also have extensive experience designing complex enterprise applications that work. Our tech team weighs in to integrate the latest in cutting-edge application architecture technology and make sure our suggestions will work, and our business analysts apply a strategic business analysis lens to make sure our solution will drive your business forward. Whether the updates end up being cosmetic or affect your functionality, we can advise on, design, and develop the right solution for application usability improvement moving forward.

Application Usability Improvement Trends

Behavior-Driven Development
Think development from a user-centric perspective. When QA testing based on user behavior is baked into the process, development supports that goal so your finished product works the way your employees and customers need.

Conversation-Based Interfaces
From voice commands that make it easier for employees that have their hands busy to smart assistants that help teams perform functions more efficiently, artificial intelligence holds a lot of promise for enterprise applications.

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Door3-Logo-Small-200x200For over 16 years, DOOR3 has been serving small to large Fortune 500 companies worldwide including AIG, MORGAN STANLEY, HP, FRESH DIRECT, OLYMPUS, WELLS FARGO, ELIZABETH ARDEN, CLINIQUE, NEW BALANCE, and TIMEWARNER among others. We capitalize on our strong Technology, Design, and Strategy backgrounds to help our clients build powerful, reliable software applications, engineer platform software, and design software to run a wide variety of products. DOOR3 serves the financial services, legal, healthcare, non-profit and education, construction and contracting, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance; consumer services, retail, and eTail industries. DOOR3 Business Applications Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in New York, NY.

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Client Testimonials:

In the six months after launch, new policy sales were up 10-fold! The trend indicates we will double that again in a few more months. The technology that Door3 has provided has increased our efficiency, provided a better customer experience and has helped us build a reputation within the Canadian insurance industry as the most innovative broker in the country.
Matt Alston, Co-Founder, Surex Direct
What DOOR3 brought to the table right away were relevant expertise, strategic focus, powerful analytic techniques, the ability to really listen to client needs and a commitment to delivering value on-time and on-budget.

John McCarthy, Executive Vice President & COO, Community Preservation Corporation

DOOR3 came in as strategic partner and applied meaningful process and innovative design and technology strategy to our needs. They have exceeded our expectations of process and results.
Kelly Howard, Senior Vice President, ABI Marketing Public Relations
They know design, they know technology, and most importantly, they stick around until they get it done. I would recommend DOOR3 to anyone who needs reliable Web design and mission-critical, robust software development.
Patrick McGill, Director, Online Production, CSTV/CBS Online, Inc.:

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