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Custom Software Development

From operational enterprise software and high-end complex websites to multifunctional intranets, mobile applications and highly innovative pure-play digital platforms, we make custom software applications built to fit perfectly and that can transform your business.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Applications DOOR3

Whether you’ve been cobbling together off-the-shelf software solutions for too long or you’re looking to be a digital-first disruptor, a well-conceived, beautifully designed and robustly built custom software development solution can be the decisive factor in your business transformation or product launch. Creating and developing such complex custom enterprise software applications is the core of our business at DOOR3. To make sure a custom software development solution solves for your business challenges, we combine a deep understanding of your business and your users with our broad knowledge of the digital landscape, trends, and strategies.  This way, we design and develop custom software that reflects the realities of your business today, and can be easily extended to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

With over 15 years of institutional experience across technologies and industries, we create innovative digital-first custom software solutions that span mission-critical business operations software, SaaS platforms, cutting-edge websites, forward-thinking mobile experiences, pure-play digital platforms, and more, built using domain-driven design with the latest technology and architectural paradigms. We can also integrate with your internal tech team to boost your capabilities and modernize your group’s competencies, facilitating joint product delivery and creating custom software that can be a major asset for your company going forward. Whether you know exactly the application you want or want Digital strategy experts with whom to explore solutions that may work for your business, we’re ready to help you develop and build the custom software you need to build business efficiencies and find new competitive advantages.

Here’s just a sample of our many custom software development capabilities:

  • Comprehensive business operations platforms (ERPs)
  • Enterprise point solutions (individual applications that fit into the enterprise)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms
    • Portals delivering pure-play Digital services (e.g. Expedia, etc.)
    • Customer portals (Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer)
    • Mobile workforce enablement
      • Extranets for your on-the-go staff
      • Native mobile and tablet apps
    • Supply chain portals and extranets
      • Broker portals
      • Supplier portals
      • etc.
  • Intranets
  • Data visualization and dashboards for executive decision support
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced interactions (chat bots, voice interfaces, etc.)


Strategy takes the lead
Every custom software development engagement starts with an envision phase - an engaging multi-day workshop where our custom software business analysis strategists take the time to not only understand your hopes and goals for the software solution but - more importantly - the core of your business and how technology can speak to that.

Designed to succeed
Out-of-the-box software is not totally user-friendly to your business because it was created for a wide audience with a one-size-fits-all mentality. But great custom software does not just deliver a service to it's intended users,  but allows the software and the user to become one system, happily and efficiently creating value together.  Achieving this amazing symbiosis requires that we gain an empathic understanding of users and apply that understanding to the design of their new experiences. That’s why every custom software development project at DOOR3 takes a decidedly user-centric experience approach that considered the user’s context with - and beyond - the screen and keyboard. Our UX UI design specialists then develop digital experiences that delight users while also helping them work smarter and more efficiently within their operating context.

Built for the future
Out-of-the-box software solutions can quickly become outdated, and more often than not, you’re already working on old technology the minute you activate your license. Our core software architects and engineers use modern platforms and frameworks, and design ahead to ensure extensibility and to maximize the lifetime value of your new custom developed software.   Our front-end development experts work to embody that architectural vision in custom software that will support the future of your company as well as the present.

Testing for excellence
Our Quality Assurance QA team designs testing protocols and deploys automated QA when appropriate to ensure that your custom developed software meets and exceeds expectations and can always be re-tested quickly any time even a minor change is made to the code.   We also work with you to prioritizing any identified defects to ensure that high-impact defects are eliminated and low-impact ones are cataloged for the future, so you can put your new custom software into production use quickly, what we call rapid application replacement.

Created with you
Our project managers will make sure that you’re part of the process every step of the way, regularly communicating project progress and working with our engagement managers to ensure strategic alignment of the project roadmap across all phases of the project.

Custom Software Development Technology Trends

Internet of Things
It’s hard to imagine a future of interconnected devices with software that’s stuck in the past. Custom software can get you out of a stale product roadmap and allow your applications to integrate into the modern technological landscape, plugging into the Internet of Things and taking advantage of other emerging technologies.

Robotic Process Automation
If you’re looking for efficiencies, automation may be the holy grail. While full business process workflow automation can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking, custom software solutions that incorporate robotic process automation (RPA) can offer a quicker entree to digital transformation and help quickly automate core processes.

About DOOR3 A Leading Custom Software Development Company | Call for a FREE Quote

Door3-Logo-Small-200x200For over 16 years, DOOR3 has been serving small to large Fortune 500 companies worldwide including AIG, MORGAN STANLEY, HP, FRESH DIRECT, OLYMPUS, WELLS FARGO, ELIZABETH ARDEN, CLINIQUE, NEW BALANCE, and TIMEWARNER among others. We capitalize on our strong Technology, Design, and Strategy backgrounds to help our clients build powerful, reliable software applications, engineer platform software, and design software to run a wide variety of products. DOOR3 serves the financial services, legal, healthcare, non-profit and education, construction and contracting, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance; consumer services, retail, and eTail industries. DOOR3 Business Applications Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in New York, NY.

2016 Top Web Design Agency

DOOR3 was named a Top Web Design Agency in New York City by Clutch, a business-to-business market research firm based in Washington, D.C.

2015 Webby Award Winner

DOOR3’s iPad application for FreshDirect was named Best Shopping Application in the Webby Awards, the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

Client Testimonials:

In the six months after launch, new policy sales were up 10-fold! The trend indicates we will double that again in a few more months. The technology that Door3 has provided has increased our efficiency, provided a better customer experience and has helped us build a reputation within the Canadian insurance industry as the most innovative broker in the country.
Matt Alston, Co-Founder, Surex Direct
What DOOR3 brought to the table right away were relevant expertise, strategic focus, powerful analytic techniques, the ability to really listen to client needs and a commitment to delivering value on-time and on-budget.

John McCarthy, Executive Vice President & COO, Community Preservation Corporation

DOOR3’s analysis and implementation of the right solution, as well as their user support skills, averted a crisis and got Studley out of knee-jerk mode, putting the company on the right track in terms of how decision-makers think about and use technology.
Patrick McGill, Director, Online Production, CSTV/CBS Online, Inc.

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