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Customer Engagement Strategy Solutions

Whether you’re looking to build out a digital marketing plan or create an application to better serve your users, a smart customer engagement strategy solution can build loyalty, increase your reach, boost your brand overall and attract and retain customers.

Customer Engagement Strategy Solutions

Customer Engagement Solutions DOOR3

At DOOR3, we have extensive experience in creating meaningful engagement mechanisms for a wide range of clients across industries. We bring our user-centric approach to every project, ensuring that the solutions we come up with delight your customers — and keep them coming back.

Your customers are the core of your business, but are you creating meaningful, lasting relationships that will keep them coming back for years to come? Technology is a strategic way to deepen your engagement with your users, and can even prove to be a competitive advantage in bringing in new customers.

At DOOR3, we start with a user-focused approach to put your customers at the center of our strategy. Customer engagement solutions can range from well-designed custom developed software that fits their needs to smart features in your existing applications that target user behavior to encourage them to buy more or spend more time with your company. Data is key when it comes to planning out the best customer engagement strategy; we look at what behaviors you see, what you want, and how to best measure success to chart out a smart roadmap for your technology. And we have extensive, cross-industry implementation experience, meaning we bring a diverse array of cutting-edge ideas that we know will be practical to build. Whether you’re looking to roll out new business operations software that will make your workforce more efficient or strengthen your customer base, we have the experience to up your customer engagement — and help grow your business.

Here’s just a sample of our many customer engagement solution capabilities:

Marketing & Market Shaping Solutions
The right web experience or app can help engender trust, engage customers, and build your business’ reputation; DOOR3 has extensive experience in creating smart marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses and nonprofits.

Corporate & Product Websites
We work with companies to help build and redesign web experiences that boost their business, including a strategic structure, content, functionality, and user experience.

We consult on and build e-commerce applications for partners looking to break into space or boost sales and provide an improved experience for their customers.

Client Extranet Portals
With our user-centric approach, we help businesses optimize client portals through extensive user testing, research, and applying industry best practices, ensuring your customers will have an optimal experience.

SaaS Applications
We help companies integrate and utilize a wide range of SaaS solutions out there from CRM engines to marketing automation.


We start with a baseline
Whether you’re looking to bring in new customers or increase internal adoption, it’s important to start by looking at your current analytics and user behavior. We analyze your customers [[link to BA page]] and find the best avenues for increased engagement, whether that’s building loyalty and upping return visits or creating smart strategies to increase their order size when they’re already shopping with you.

We design for your customers
With a focus on UX design and strategy capabilities, we start with usability and imagine design features that will provide maximum engagement impact. Our experience strategy discipline engages directly with your customers to understand their needs and goals and create solutions for actual users. And when we develop customer engagement solutions, we make sure they’re simple to use, speak to your users aesthetically, and, above all, create a positive result for the end user.

We architect your products to succeed
With nearly two decades of experience building advanced business applications we understand what is technologically feasible, what is competitive in the marketplace, and what will work. We have the ability to implement a wide range of customer front end engagement solutions and can bring in cutting-edge technologies and flexible platforms to ensure that what we make will build your user base well into the future.

We test to ensure success
Even the best apps can be hamstrung by buggy experiences. Your users don’t have the patience to troubleshoot your software, and points of customer engagement can be lost in a moment with a bad experience. Our QA testing team takes a user-centric approach, mitigating risk by prioritizing defects that will affect the functionality most important to your customers and ensuring you launch with an application that will work for your users.

Customer Engagement Technology Trends

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning and artificial intelligence open up a world of possibilities for customer engagement solutions. For instance, predictive analytics can give you a better understanding of your customers through behavior data, pulling out trends that might be harder to spot and predicting future actions. And AI can help users achieve more with less input, for example, recommending timely items they might want to add to their cart based on past behavior and shopping habits.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
VR and AR go past entertainment these days and create user experiences that foster customer engagement. From immersive experiences to the ability to place virtual products in a real-world context, applications can give users the tools to make a more informed decision while also providing a delightful and novel experience.

About DOOR3 A Leading Customer Engagement Strategy Solutions Company | Call for a FREE Quote

Door3-Logo-Small-200x200For over 16 years, DOOR3 has been serving small to large Fortune 500 companies worldwide including AIG, MORGAN STANLEY, HP, FRESH DIRECT, OLYMPUS, WELLS FARGO, ELIZABETH ARDEN, CLINIQUE, NEW BALANCE, and TIMEWARNER among others. We capitalize on our strong Technology, Design, and Strategy backgrounds to help our clients build powerful, reliable software applications, engineer platform software, and design software to run a wide variety of products. DOOR3 serves the financial services, legal, healthcare, non-profit and education, construction and contracting, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance; consumer services, retail, and eTail industries. DOOR3 Business Applications Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in New York, NY.

Client Testimonials:

In the six months after launch, new policy sales were up 10-fold! The trend indicates we will double that again in a few more months. The technology that Door3 has provided has increased our efficiency, provided a better customer experience and has helped us build a reputation within the Canadian insurance industry as the most innovative broker in the country.
Matt Alston, Co-Founder, Surex Direct
DOOR3’s analysis and implementation of the right solution, as well as their user support skills, averted a crisis and got Studley out of knee-jerk mode, putting the company on the right track in terms of how decision-makers think about and use technology.

Duane Aliah, Director of Technology, Studley

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