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Data visualization solutions that produce real business insights.

Data Visualization Solutions

From sales and performance numbers to order information and customer data, your company is sitting on reams of information. A smart data visualization solution can help your business capitalize on that asset. We create intelligently designed dashboards and curated reports to help you glean real visual insight from your business data.

Data Visualization Solutions

Data Visualization Solutions DOOR3

DOOR3 has extensive experience creating dashboards, reports, and other digital tools to help businesses make sense of their data and get the right information when they need it to make smarter decisions.

There’s a goldmine hiding in your business data. Your employees produce mountains of information every day, but so much of it may be locked away in servers or paper reports, just out of your reach. Even worse, it can be time-consuming and difficult to sift through it and find the insights that will truly drive your company forward.

At DOOR3, we have a great deal of experience working with clients, from insurance giants to heralded law firms, to find and extract the business insights that will make the biggest impact. Our UX design specialists and business analysis experts take the time to listen to your stakeholders and gain a greater understanding of your company so they can determine what information will provide the most value and then work to find the best context to present it, whether that’s in an easy-to-consume dashboard or a digital report that provides the right information at the crucial moment of decision making. Our data visualization, business intelligence solutions provide elegant intuitive forms to extract the most actionable insights and help you find the patterns and trends that will help your organization make smart business moves going forward.

Here’s just a sample of our many data visualization solution capabilities:

Data Warehousing
We work with clients determine what data to collect and events to record, and help them put the technology in place to harness their organization’s information.

Data Tracking and Analysis
We collaborate with clients to determine which insights are key to their business and put the mechanisms in place to glean that business intelligence from their data.

Data Visualization Design
We create templates and designs for clients to implement to help them pull insights and create data visualization reports going forward.

Dashboards and Reporting
We build and implement dashboards and reports for clients to access business intelligence and insights in context.


We gain an understanding of your data
Through user research and conversations with your key decision makers, we gain an understanding of the data available as well as the most crucial information and insights for your organization. We learn not only what your users need to know, but how they need to consume it to make smarter decisions for your organization. Our data visualization solutions are crafted with the end user, you in mind.

To create a plan aligned with your business needs
Creating a smart data visualization solution requires a deep understanding of the business context that your information is describing. Our business analysts have experience parsing highly complex data and transactions and can account for complicated information and business cases to distill your needs into the right solution to deliver value.

And design a smart solution
If your data isn’t displayed in a way that’s easy to consume, users aren’t going to engage with it. While off-the-shelf solutions can get you part of the way there, a smart custom data visualization solution design will bring together all the dimensions of your company’s data and serve up the right information in the right context and in a digestible format that makes it easy for your employees to interpret and take action on it.

Data Visualization Solution and Business Intelligence Trends

Visual Storytelling
Data is just numbers until you understand the story beneath it. Businesses are increasingly looking to data visualization to add color, communicate a process, build out a strategy, or take customers on a journey with a beginning, middle, and satisfying end.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
So many businesses are drowning in data, but machine learning and AI can help pare it down and extract the signals from the noise. Smart solutions that employ the technology can be used to spot trends, identify anomalies, or interpret larger chunks of information to glean actionable insights for your company.

About DOOR3 A Leading Data Visualization Solution and Business Intelligence Services Company | Call for a FREE Quote

Door3-Logo-Small-200x200For over 16 years, DOOR3 has been serving small to large Fortune 500 companies worldwide including AIG, MORGAN STANLEY, HP, FRESH DIRECT, OLYMPUS, WELLS FARGO, ELIZABETH ARDEN, CLINIQUE, NEW BALANCE, and TIMEWARNER among others. We capitalize on our strong Technology, Design, and Strategy backgrounds to help our clients build powerful, reliable software applications, engineer platform software, and design software to run a wide variety of products. DOOR3 serves the financial services, legal, healthcare, non-profit and education, construction and contracting, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance; consumer services, retail, and eTail industries. DOOR3 Business Applications Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in New York, NY.

2018 American Web Design Award

from Graphic Design USA for UX/UI design

2016 Top Web Design Agency

in New York City by Clutch, a leading market research firm

2016 Top 10 Intranet Award Winner

by Nielsen Norman Group, a leading UX research authority


Client Testimonials:

They know design, they know technology, and most importantly, they stick around until they get it done. I would recommend DOOR3 to anyone who needs reliable Web design and mission-critical, robust software development.
Patrick McGill, Director, Online Production, CSTV/CBS Online, Inc.
DOOR3 came in as a strategic partner and applied meaningful process and innovative design and technology strategy to our needs. They have exceeded our expectations of process and results.

Kelly Howard, Senior Vice President, ABI Marketing Public Relations

Cadwalader Connect allows us to leverage powerful tools to efficiently manage our business, strengthen internal and external relationships, provide efficient access to data, and deliver exceptional legal services to our clients.
Patrick Quinn, Managing Partner, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

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