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Aarong is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle brands in Bangladesh.
Dedicated to creating a positive impression about e-commerce to provide income-generating and social development opportunities.
The first major Bangladeshi organization to bring western website design to eastern audiences .
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The true value of this globally reputed brand lies in the positive impact it has on the lives of people it reaches every day.

Aarong is one of the leading retail chains in Bangladesh operating under BRAC, the largest non-profit in the world. Established in 1978, Aarong upholds products and indigenous crafts and styles of Bangladesh while empowering rural artisans. As a fair trade organization, Aarong’s products are exported globally across Asia, Europe and North America.

The true value of this globally reputed brand lies in the positive impact it has on the lives of people it reaches every day.

A full blown eCommerce solution was implemented
As Aarong’s strategic partner for digital marketing and website design, DOOR3 travelled to Bangladesh for a weeklong session with the company’s stakeholders to gain an understanding of the company’s culture, requirements and goals. DOOR3 provided an eCommerce solution which aligned overall business goals, including definition of technical specifics, UX design and development. In order to enhance and support navigation on mobile and tablet touch devices, a mobile-optimized information architecture was provided along with responsive design.

BRAC-Aarong breaks barriers and re-thinks social enterprises by bringing Western website design to Eastern audiences and providing a high-class user experience. Aarong became the first company in Bangladesh to offer international e-commerce and the first retail company to offer an international B2C relationship. Our solutions provided a tremendous opportunity for Aarong and BRAC to present its unique and impressive business model and to share the story of the artisans and Bangladeshi culture on a global scale.

Aarong identified that creating a new eCommerce platform that would be engaging and inspiring and bring the brand’s craftsmanship, heritage and provenance to life. DOOR3 did a brilliant job of making that dream come true.
Tamara Abed Senior Director, Aarong