Master design tokens
with industry experts
Jon Allen & Tom McClean

Tom McClean

Tom McClean

UX Lead
Jon Allen

Jon Allen

Sr. UX Designer

Learn best practices for tokenizing design systems from seasoned professionals – the people that have already made every possible mistake. We will cover the fundamentals of setting up a token system, best practices for naming and organization, and consider some of the most popular current tools, including Token Studio and Figma variables.

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Demystify design system tokenization
with practical instruction and field-tested methods.

  • Whether you’re a UX newcomer or a career designer, we can help you develop the skills to create clean, scalable, and stable design systems for your organization.
  • Ensure your design decisions promote operational efficiency and brand consistency across your organization.
  • Reduce the time and investment needed to stand up a design system and reduce friction for sustainable scaling and maintenance.
  • Learn how to set up a synchronized token pipeline between Figma and Git with transformation to platform-specific formats.

What can I expect?

  • This workshop will teach you the fundamental concepts and principles of design tokens and help you develop the hands-on skills necessary to design and apply tokens in your own work. Participants will gain tools and knowledge that can be applied into their own practice for building stronger, more integrated design systems.
  • The workshop will cover the current state of tokenized design systems and explore technical strategies for synchronizing design and development environments. We’ll discuss best practices for organizing libraries, building components, and setting up a token system. We’ll also consider the benefits and drawbacks of the latest tools, including Tokens Studio and Figma variables.
  • Finally, participants can expect hands-on exercises to practice the material covered and receive guidance in defining the best approach for their organization.

Are you a UX/UI design expert interested in accelerating your practice with design tokens?

About the instructors

Tom McClean

Tom McClean

UX Lead

Tom brings over 10 years of experience in graphic design, art direction and UX/UI design. His varied career has taken him to Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona and New York. His approach combines solid graphic design fundamentals with design thinking methodologies to deliver clean, sophisticated, and purpose-driven solutions.

Jon Allen

Jon Allen

Senior UX Designer

Jon Allen has worked for over a decade as a web designer, front-end developer, and UI/UX designer. He has worked extensively in the healthcare and insurance, as well as for academic, financial and real estate clients. With a background in fine art, Jon brings a creative approach to problem solving within his design practice. He strives to create clear, intuitive experiences that are built to streamline complex processes.

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 Design System Tokenization Workshop | DOOR3